Wednesday, November 04, 2009

Once more to the stores my friends!

Or rather, if not once more to the stores my friends, once more to the shopping site on the internet. For it is time in our renovation of this house and garden for us to be looking at outdoor patio furniture. And that means that we need to have both a large selection and great prices: all for the very best of quality of course.

This is the thing about living in a warm climate: what you have as your outdoor patio furniture can actually be more important than what you have inside: for you're likely to spend longer outside than you are in. Who really worried all that much about what you sit on for 40 minutes watching the evening news: what you're going to use for hours as you sit outside is vastly more important. Thus the care with which I have been tasked with buying our outdoor patio furniture. Nothing must be allowed to go wrong, nothing must be allowed to damage this experience which is, after all, what we moved south for.

Actually, the responsibility makes me slightly nervous: it would be better if she who must be obeyed would share the decision making (and thus any blame) but then I know I'm in good hands with my possible selections of outdoor patio furniture....something you can see by simply clicking through any of the links. I know I'm going to get the required price and quality, it's just the choice that's causing the problem.

Is this what the economists call the paradox of choice? That too much choice of what I want makes me unhappy? Could be I suppose but I'm sure I'll get over it. Now then, which design do I want in which color?

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